Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sarah Palin, Tanning Beds and Vitamin D: Who is correct, Sarah or the American Academy of Dermatology?

Sarah Palin, in addition to taking the country by storm as the Republican Vice-Presidential nominee, created a controversy by purchasing (with her own funds) and installing a tanning bed in the Alaska Governor’s mansion. Now a controversy is brewing[i] between the International Tanning Association (ITA) (which supports the use of tanning beds) and dermatologists who pillory tanning or any “unprotected” exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light including sunlight; they claim that the vitamin D produced by UV does not justify the increased risk of melanoma that it supposedly produces. I speak here not of all dermatologists, but only those who parrot the official mantra of the American Academy of Dermatology. As you will note through my blogs, there are enlightened dermatologists who do not agree with that official policy.

This blog introduces a series that explores the truth about sunlight, tanning beds, sunscreens and melanoma. I will also continue to post my opinions on breaking vitamin D research, but will continue the “Sarah Palin” series until we determine whether Sarah is correct to use a tanning bed in the Governor’s mansion, and if I am also correct to use one in my own home during winter, as I currently do. Stay tuned!

[i] CBS 11 News:

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